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Newport Beach  Travel Guide
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Newport Beach Travel Guide

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Your Travel Guide to Attractions, Hotels and Sightseeing Tours in Newport Beach

One of the most popular family activities in Newport Beach is going to the beach. During the summer months, the beach is a very popular resort and getaway spot for the entire family. You and your wife or your friends can enjoy swimming, boat riding, or even hitting the waves on a jet ski. With temperatures in the summer hitting 75 degrees and above, nothing breaks the heat better than the beach.
Newport Beach

Balboa Pier Newport Beach

The Balboa Pier is a must visit for anyone who loves fishing. Even if you don't like fishing, the pier is great to walk at night or during the day. If you want to see what piers are all about, make sure you check out the beauty and splendor that the Balboa Pier will provide you with. Newport Beach

Shopping at Fashion Island

The Fashion Island, located at the Newport Center in Newport Beach is the ideal place to go if you like adventure and shopping. Offering shopping, beaches, theme parks, museums, parks and other events, this is an absolute treasure. Newport Beach

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Newport BeachTravel Guide
Newport BeachTravel Guide
Newport BeachTravel Guide
Newport BeachTravel Guide

newport beach travel guide newport beach Travel Guide
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