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Cruises from Tampa
The Port of Tampa is popular with cruise passengers because of its semi-tropical climate and immediate access to the Gulf of Mexico.
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Hyde Park Tampa
Hyde Park Tampa is an historic neighborhood and Tampa shopping district in South Tampa, popular for its bars, restaurants, open-air shopping center and recreation areas. It's located near the University of Tampa and close to the city's business and cultural arts districts. Hyde Park Tampa was the first suburb built in western Tampa. It features bungalow homes, mansions, and condominiums. Old Hyde Park Village is an upscale outdoor Tampa shopping mall, located in the center of Hyde Park Tampa.
Hyde Park Tampa
Tampa Tours

Dolphin Cruise

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay is offering cruises aboard a 72-foot, 130-passenger catamaran, officially named Bay Spirit II. The Aquarium has partnered with the Tampa Port Authority in order to bring this important project to life.
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Ybor City

Ybor City, in Tampa, is known as Florida's Latin Quarter. It was founded by Vicente Martinez-Ybor as a cigar-manufacturing center, and you can still see storefronts where cigars are rolled by hand on La Setima, the main axis of Ybor City's historic district, one of only two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida.
Tampa Attractions

Tampa Attractions

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

This popular family adventure park offers numerous attractions with the theme of exotic encounters with the continent of Africa. At Busch Gardens, there are exciting rides, a zoo with more than 2,000 animals, live entertainment, dining, shopping and games.


This village is set among tall trees, waterways and fancy stone buildings. For kids, there is a 3-story-high playground with climbing nets, mazes and tunnels. You can explore the tree canopy on a zip line or soar into the sky from inside a 35-foot waterfall. You can see exotic jungle animals up close, and engage in a tug of war with a Bengal tiger. Jungala is an interactive jungle experience.

Serengeti Night Safari

Here in the Edge of Africa, you can watch animals feeding and the active nighttime behaviors of hippos, lions and hyenas lit only by moonlight and lanterns. On the Serengeti Plain, with night-vision monoculars and special filtered lighting you can see free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebra, and rhinos. The tour begins and ends in the Safari Club, which offers appetizers and a night cap with coffee and desserts. The Serengeti Night Safari begins after sunset on select Friday and Saturday nights. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to participate.


Busch Gardens Tampa is famous for its exhilarating rides. Some of these include:
  • SheiKra: North America’s first dive coaster sends riders through a breathtaking three-minute journey 200 feet up, then 90 degrees straight down — and that's just the beginning.
  • Kumba:After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, you will plunge from 110 feet into a diving loop.
  • Montu: One of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world!
  • Gwazi: Challenge the dueling forces of Gwazi: two wooden tracks intertwined into the Southeast’s largest and fastest double wooden roller coaster.
  • Cheetah Chase:A five-story “wild mouse” style coaster in Timbuktu, with a top speed of 22 mph and 46” height requirement.
  • Scorpion: Feel the “sting” of Scorpion's terrifying 60-foot drop and 360-degree loop at incredible speeds.
  • The Wild Surge: Launch out of a 35-foot mountain crater up above a towering waterfall for a thrilling view of Jungala’s village below.
  • Jungle Flyers: Young adventurers choose from three different flight patterns to soar 50 feet above Jungala’s village.
  • Rhino Rally: A wild jeep tour that transports guests aboard an off-road adventure through the wilds of Africa.
  • Congo River Rapids: Encounter the swift-flowing white water of the Congo River Rapids in a 12-person raft.
  • Stanley Falls: A Log Flume that takes you through a splashing trip ending in a 40-foot drop.
  • Tanganyika Tidal Wave: A seemingly tranquil jungle journey aboard a 20-passenger boat ends with a sudden plunge down a 55-foot drop, creating a tidal wave.


  • KaTonga: Musical Tales From the Jungle” takes you on a journey to the heart of Africa in a 35-minute musical celebration of animal folklore.
  • Rock A Doo Wop: This all-new show at the Marrakesh Theater features the greatest hits of the ’50s and ’60s, performed by eight talented singers and dancers.
  • Pirates 4-D: A swashbuckling 4-D comedy presented in the 750-seat Timbuktu Theater, featuring four digital projectors that run simultaneously, with guests wearing 3-D glasses to view the visual effects.
  • Mystic Sheiks of Morocco: A high-energy brass and percussion marching band.

Animal Attractions

  • Serengeti Plain: In this habitat you'll see hundreds of exotic African animals visible from the Serengeti Express Railway, Skyride, Serengeti Safari and various walkways.
  • Myombe Reserve: A lush forest where you can watch gorillas and chimpanzees living in a naturalistic rainforest habitat.
  • Edge of Africa: An intense walking safari where guests can experience hippopotamus, lions, lemurs, meerkats, crocodiles and lappet-faced vultures in natural habitats themed around an abandoned African fishing village.
  • Jambo Junction: Feed the animals and learn about animal husbandry and behavior training. Observe Caribbean flamingos, lemurs, sloths and opossums.
  • Bird Gardens: Marvel over almost 500 tropical birds from around the globe.
  • Lory Landing: A domed habitat with many brilliantly colored birds including several species of parrots, including lorikeets, hornbills and pheasants in free flight and contained environments.
  • Clydesdale Hamlet: Pose for a picture with one of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses during daily photo and petting sessions.
There are many other activities and adventures available at Busch Gardens Tampa. It's no wonder visitors to the Tampa Bay area return again and again to sample new ones and enjoy old favorites. If you purchase Busch Gardens tickets in advance, you can enter the park without waiting in line.

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