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Union Street

The first neighborhood in San Francisco to convert its gingerbread Victorians into popular boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, Union Street's distinct turn-of-the-century atmosphere makes a walk along its streets a delightful journey back in time, at least from an architectural perspective. The attitude along modern day Union Street, however, is anything but old-fashioned. This is where some of The City's most fashionable and upscale citizens live and play.

* Numerous coffee houses serve some of the best caffe latte in The City and offer an ideal spot for people-watching.
* Dozens of bars are particularly popular among the singles set, especially the legendary "Bermuda Triangle" at Greenwich and Fillmore.
* The Octagon House, 2645 Gough Street at Union Street was built in 1861. The eight-sided, pale blue structure houses Revolutionary War playing cards (no Kings, Queens or Jacks), original signatures from 54 of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and antique furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries.
* The Vedanta Temple at 2963 Webster Street is among San Francisco's most unique edifices. This circa 1905 structure combines Colonial, Queen Anne, Moorish and Hindu architectural influences.

Fascinating art stores and galleries are scattered throughout Union Street, exhibiting and selling everything from rice-paper lamps, stunning landscapes and cityscapes, crystal sculpture, vintage timepieces, the latest European fashions, Old World wooden toys, unique decorative arts and reproductions. The annual Union Street Spring Festival adds to the fun.


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