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Los Angeles - Hollywood

Since the early 1900s, Hollywood has woven tales across the silver screen, capturing the minds and hearts of audiences worldwide. Today, Tinseltown is the star of a movie all her own, a real-life actress returning to the promise of her youth. More than $1 billion in renovations and developments has been invested to bring glamour back to Hollywood.

HollywoodMore than cosmetic, the dramatic transformation of Hollywood promises a significantly enhanced vacation experience for the more than ten million visitors who travel to this legendary community every year.

Today, visitors can beam up in the Star Trek transporter or belly up to the Cheers bar at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum. A recreated backlot complete with props and wardrobes can be found here alongside high-tech interactive stations.

A revitalized Hollywood, and its expanding inventory of attractions, are now easier to get to than ever before. The Metro Red Line, allows visitors to travel between Hollywood Boulevard and Universal Studios Hollywood in less than five minutes. The Red Line also connects Hollywood with Downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

For an up-close look at Hollywood, Red Line Tours visits all the famous (and infamous) landmarks in Hollywood and is a delight for anyone fascinated with Hollywood history, architecture and lore. The walking tours – open to the public seven days a week – go beyond the surface and actually take visitors inside many of the historic landmarcks.

Hollywood walk of fame

The forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater has been one of the most popular free attractions since the 1920s, when, during the premiere for Cecil B. DeMille’s “King of Kings,” actress Norma Talmadge accidentally stepped in wet cement. Hollywood’s biggest stars have been imprinting themselves ever since: John Wayne, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whoopi Goldberg.

When the Hollywood honchos realized how limited the footprint space was at the Chinese Theater, they came up with another way to pay tribute to the stars. Since the 1960s more than 2000 terrazzo and brass stars have been unveiled on Hollywood’s major sidewalks. The honorees are identified by a camera, radio microphone, TV set, record, or dramatic masks. Fans turn these stars into flower-strewn memorials to commemorate star birthdays and death days. Among the stars sought out are Marilyn Monroe at 1644 Hollywood Blvd., Mike Myers at 7046 Hollywood Blvd., John Lennon at 1750 Vine St. and Elvis Presley at 6777 Hollywood Blvd., Eddie Murphy at 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Carlos Santana at 7080 Hollywood Blvd.


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