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Los Angeles - Festivals and other Events


More than 330 festivals and celebrations are held in L.A. annually representing more than 100 distinct nationalities and communities, making the region the festival capital of the world. www.culturela.org

Mariachi Festival USA, every June at the Hollywood Bowl, is one of the largest mariachi fests in the world, drawing top "grupos" and amateurs to the all-day-all-night party. www.mariachiusa.com

The African Marketplace, spread over three weekends in late summer to accommodate the crowds, is one of the largest festivals in the world celebrating the cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. www.africanmarketplace.org

The "Blessing of the Cars" at Hansen Dam in the San Fernando Valley is the only such event in the world. It began when a couple of Catholic car devotees loved their cars so much they wanted to bless them. A local priest was asked to anoint a favorite car and now hundreds of proud car owners and intrigued fans show up to annual event, held each year in June. www.blessingofthecars.com


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